Suzuki Talent Education

Suzuki Talent Education


You can learn to read music in minutes starting right now. Even if you can already read music, the free flash program below will make you a better reader and also enable you to help your child read music easily.

If you find anything that doesn’t work or is difficult to understand, call me (Nancy) at 310-377-9544.

You can also call if you live near Rancho Palos Verdes, California and are interested in piano lessons.



Should your little sport learn to play the piano?

Only if he or she would benefit from better concentration, relaxation, discipline, focus, self esteem, a more cooperative nature, a better batting average and a higher IQ! Learning to play the piano or violin very well in the shortest possible time with the Suzuki Talent Education Method has been credited with developing all of these qualities and more...

Playing the piano very well is really fun. It's very easy -- you can use all ten of your fingers. (Playing poorly is not easy and it's not much fun either.)