Piano Lessons
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About Piano Lessons

Although I specialize in teaching children, I have enjoyed teaching many people of all ages to play the piano. I think the Suzuki Method is the best way to learn to play like a professional, while still allowing time to pursue other interests. My students, including those who supposedly had absolutely no talent, have all learned within 2 years to play better than I could after 17 years of study. Integral to this approach is listening to good pianists on recordings, and in person. In the beginning listening is more important than practicing and this can begin before birth. Fortunately, listening to the Suzuki repertoire has been shown to enhance joy, promote relaxation and healing, help people learn more in less time, and accomplish other beneficial things.

Arranging Piano Lessons

Call me, Nancy Barnes, at 310/377-9544, to arrange a time when we can meet. This will help us determine whether we can make arrangements that will help you meet your goals. I do not teach children unless they are accompanied by a parent (or guardian). This person will encourage proper practice, play the recommended recordings as often as possible and also learn at least a little piano. I have never had a student whose parent played the Suzuki recordings regularly, and who spent a few minutes a day seeing that their child practiced correctly, who wanted to quit...continue

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